Fong’s Engineering and Manufacturing Pte Ltd is one of the leading high precision engineering companies in Singapore.

Located on the Eastern part of Singapore with a production area of 2,141 m² and another 2,400 m² at Nantong, China, we offer state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to our global customers while simultaneously, updating and improving our products and processes regularly. With over 70 CNC high tech precision machines and a new 10,000 square feet assembly business unit, our 270 dedicated and skilled employees are manufacturing and assembling High-End Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and Opto-Mechanical components, modules or systems for the Bio-Medical, Aerospace, Electronics and Optics Industries.

“Many managers believe that they can increase productivity by adding robots, introducing information systems, or modifying production procedures. We believe that productivity and achievement of strategic goals are a matter not of computers and production systems, but of people. At Fong’s, we have only one resource – our people and the management of our people. We believe that it is the motivation of our people that makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. It is the glue that holds together the objectives and strategies of the organization”. – Jeremy Fong, Managing Director, Fong’s.